Empowering Participation


We are passionate advocates for public participation that is representative, purposeful, inclusive, respectful, influential, and discursive.

Both experience and research demonstrate that such meaningful public participation brings about smarter solutions to complex problems, particularly the efficiency and effectiveness of public spending, services and planning, increases trust between government and citizens, and helps overcome conflict.

Our vision – is for representative/inclusive, deliberative, influential public participation to become ‘business as usual’ to resolve challenging, complex problems and everyday people like you and me are involved in collaborative problem solving that will influence decision-making.

Our mission – is empowering participation. We respond to government and public needs to resolve challenging issues by designing, implementing and evaluating empowered public participation or deliberative democracy processes.

Our goal – is to encourage and support decision-makers, citizens, government agencies and other organisations to create ongoing opportunities for the carefully considered voice of everyday people to influence decisions in the common good.

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What drives us

Our Passion

Our passion is Democracy – a democracy where citizens are able to influence decisions that affect their lives. We believe that everyone in society has the right to be listened to and to influence decisions that affect their lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve democratic decision-making – re-envisaging democracy ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’, where everyday citizens are able to influence decisions that affect their lives.

Our Work

Our work helps to achieve this by providing everyday people with an equal opportunity to deliberate with diverse others to collaboratively problem solve issues of importance, seeking common ground and making recommendations that influence and are seen to influence decision-making.